Our Dog "Filson" CH Trystyn's Blue Rodeo (CH Trystyn's Get Your Wings X Dutch CH Benton Kansas Storm) now has 17 CHIC'ed offspring all with normal results except one mild unilateral HD.  We believe Filson has more CHIC'ed offspring than any other dog in our breed and he has only sired 6 litters (three that are too young for official health testing).  Six of Filson's puppies are also champions.  We think this is a pretty nice accomplishment for Filson and the bitches he was bred to (CH Statesman's Superlative & CH Rolyart's Seven Of Nine). We would like to thank Milestone Welsh Springers and all of our great owners that spent the time and money to have their dog's hips, elbows, thyroid and eyes tested to help improve the health of our breed!  Now that Filson has 6 litters on the ground and one frozen breeding that was sent to England he will no longer be available for use at stud. I have limited his breeding to 10 litters to prevent the overuse of one dog in a breed with such a limited gene pool.  Any future breedings will be for our own kennel.

 The Canine Health Information Center, also known as CHIC, is a centralized canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). The CHIC, working with participating parent clubs, provides a resource for breeders and owners of purebred dogs to research and maintain information on the health issues prevalent in specific breeds.

Trystyn Welsh Springers now requires all puppies produced from our kennel attain CHIC numbers.  The information obtained from this registry assists other breeders in making the right breeding decisions to improve the health of our breed.

1 CH Milestone Crimson Beauty 71036 WS-1592E26F-VPI WS-EL487F26-VPI WS-803 WS-TH360/26F
2 Milestone Canadian Maple Leaf 69657 WS-1576E24F-VPI WS-EL467F24-VPI WS-804 WS-TH345/24F
3 Grand CH Milestone Whispering Pine 69807 WS-1577G24M-VPI WS-EL468M24-VPI WS-805 WS-TH348/24M
4 Milestone Majestic Red Spruce 70109 WS-1583G24M-VPI WS-EL476M24-VPI WS-806 WS-TH354/24M
5 Milestone Might Red Oak 73531 Mild Unilateral Right WS-EL478M24-VPI WS-807 WS-TH384/29M
6 Milestone Holly In Clover Fields 71125 WS-1593G26F-VPI WS-EL488F26-VPI WS-808 WS-TH362/26F
7 CH Milestone Honoring Heros 83211 WS-1699G25M-VPI WS-EL578M25-VPI WS-364219 WS_TH441/25M-VPI
8 CH Trystyn Statesman Cactus Blue
72096 WS-1582G24M-VPI WS-EL474M24-VPI WS-348176 WS-TH353/24M
9 Trystyn Statesman Lone Ranger 76571 WS-1586G24M-VPI WS-EL480M24VPI WS-358516 WS-TH355/24M
10 Trystyn Statesman Prarie Rose 76572 WS-1598G26F-VPI WS-EL492F26-VPI WS-358517 WS-TH368/26F
11 CH Trystyn Statesman Lakota Red 78862 WS-1603G27F-VPI WS-EL496F27-VPI WS-363048 WS-TH369/26F
12 Trystyn Statesman Grifo A Concho 76573 WS-1616F27M-VPI WS-EL507M27-VPI WS-358518 WS-TH381/28M
13 CH Trystyn Statesman Smokin Hot 76570 WS-1625G24F-VPI WS-EL516F24-VPI WS-358521 WS-TH347/16F
14 Trystyn Statesman Cold Smoke   WS-1629G24M-VPI Not done yet WS-358513 WS-TH425/31M-VPI
15 Trystyn Statesman Oxie Smoke 76574 WS-1640E26M-VPI WS-EL527M26-VPI WS358514 WS-TH396/26M
16 Trystyn Statesman Smoke And Mirrors 76979 WS-1646G27F-VPI WS-EL533F27-VPI WS358515 WS-TH398/27F
17 Trystyn Statesman Smokey Mist 78632 WS-1647G27F-VPI WS-EL534F27-VPI WS-362762 WS-TH404/27F
18 Trystyn Statesman Smoking Joe 78633 WS-1663G28M-VPI WS-EL548M28-VPI WS-362762 WS-TH399/27M

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